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Best practices for high throughput sample preparation related to virus studies

Most viruses cause acute infections while others lead to persistent infections. Both anti-viral drug and vaccine development begin with high throughput screening phases. Virus research workflows therefore need to be designed to be able to process high numbers of samples at the same time while maintaining virus integrity and limiting bias. Homogenization is the first step of most viral extraction workflows.
In this white paper, we present optimized protocols allowing for high throughput and reproducible virology analysis.

All you need to know about:

 Chikungunya viral RNA and viral titration in tissue samples in cynomolgus macaques as model

Optimized protocol for viral metagenomics studies on faecal samples with Minilys Homogenize

Recover  live  herpes  virus  from  infected  mouse ganglia with Minilys

Viral RNA Extraction from infected tissues 
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