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Best practices for cryogrinding
with the Precellys Evolution

Cryogrinding, also known as freeze powdering, cryogenic grinding, freezer milling, and cryomilling, is the act of turning a deep-frozen sample into a powder in a temperature-controlled environment. Cryogenic grinding is one of the most effective methods to extract DNA, RNA, proteins, and metabolites from a biological sample. An inadequate mechanical sample disruption protocol can lead to nucleic acid shearing or protein degradation. Proteins and RNA are thermosensitive molecules that can be degraded by the heat generated during mechanical homogenization. 

In this white paper, we show how cryogrinding can be performed using the Precellys Evolution in combination with the Cryolys Evolution cooling module and the Precellys stainless steel metal tubes. We offer examples of protocols to efficiently pulverize deep-frozen animal and vegetable samples and maximize the recovery of nucleic acids, proteins, and metabolites.

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Freeze powdering using Cryolys® Evolution
Precellys Evolution: Whole mouse brain Cryogrindind

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