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Best practices in sample prep' for reliable sequencing results with Precellys Homogenizers! 

The advent of next-generation sequencing techniques (NGS) has revolutionized the landscape of biology, allowing scientists to deepen their understanding of many diseases such as cancer. Mechanical lysis, and more specifically bead-beating technology, is considered the gold standard for sample homogenization needed to obtain an adequate quantity and quality of nucleid acids.
In this White Paper, we present best practices for NGS sample preparation steps  over six optimized protocols, suitable for food, tissue, and fecal samples.

All you need to know about:


• Robust and unbiased microbial RNA extraction workflow
• Microbiota analysis of fermented milk samples with next generation sequencing
• Transcriptomic analysis of cheese-ripening microbial communities with dual RNA-SEQ
• MicroRNA expression profiling of individual rat hypothalamic nuclei
• DNA extraction from frozen tumor samples
• Optimized protocol for viral metagenomics studies on faecal samples

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