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Detection of airborne microorganisms within healthcare settings with the Coriolis Air Samplers

The emergence of new respiratory viruses such as the SARS-CoV-2 virus or avian influenza has highlighted the importance of understanding the transmission of airborne pathogens within healthcare settings. Identifying the key parameters of transmission is becoming a critical step to control the spread of potentially infectious bioaerosols and limit the risks to healthcare staff and patients.


Bertin Instruments has developed air samplers that can be used for the rapid detection and monitoring of airborne pathogens within healthcare facilities, the Coriolis air samplers.


In this White Paper, we present the best practices for bioaerosol monitoring in healthcare settings. We also describe how experts have used Bertin’s Coriolis air samplers to detect many types of airborne pathogens in hospitals, including bacteria, fungi, and viruses and perform viability studies.



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