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Control the presence of contaminants in a production zone with Coriolis Air Samplers!

Air quality is a very important matter in the food industry. The presence of contaminants in the production zone is a critical issue as they could impact the health of the final customer or affect the production yield or the quality of the product (taste, texture).
In this White Paper, learn the advantages of diluting liquid samples to obtain optimal concentrations for culture experiences & explore the capacity of Coriolis µ and Coriolis Compact to collect small microorganism such as bacteriophages. 

All you need to know about:

• Bacteriophages collected by Coriolis® Compact air sampler in a dairy plan

• Detection of airborne virulent bacteriophage of dairy starter culture in a cheese factory

• Detection of fungi / yeasts contamination in a food factory

• Assessment of fungi burden in a process room

• Detection of gluten in industrial bakery


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