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On-site determination of the radon concentration in water: sampling & on-line methods

Radon can dissolve and build up in water from underground sources. If water comes from a well, it may contain Radon. Radon in the water dissolves and escapes into the air during household water use, especially when it is heated. An easy-to-handle experimental setup for the on-site determination of the Radon concentration in water samples has been developed and tested. 

All you need to know about:

• Radon in water & associated health risks
• How to measure radon in water
• Sampling system
• Determine if radon is generated from ra-226
• Precision measurement by diminishing the background
• Radon level in the measuring set-up
• Radon concentration formula in water samples
• Interior volume of the set-up
• Temperature dependency of the diffusion coefficient 'k'
• Example of measurements with aquakit
• Aquakit characteristics
• Continuous measurement of radon in water
• Radon in water used as a tracer: earthquake station
• Radon as a natural radioactive tracer to study aquifer systems

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