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Implementation of radiological emergency monitoring systems

The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power accident in 2011 strongly highlighted the need to further strengthen effective regulatory control and oversight around Nuclear Power Plants. It also showed the need for renewed national safety and security regulations, in compliance with global safety standards and guidelines.

All over the world, national and international agencies upgraded their safety plans, requiring several improvements. Nuclear Power Plants deployed new systems to reinforce their resistance to harsh weather conditions and to comply with these new guidelines, on how to prepare and to react in case of an emergency situation, a global shutdown of public communication networks and/or power supply. Bertin Instruments, with the expertise of Saphymo, accompanied these changes by providing robust and high quality instruments for gamma dose rate measurement, gamma spectrometry and air monitoring.

All you need to know about:

• Case n°1: Implementation of a radiological emergency monitoring system in harsh environment
(Bruce Power Nuclear Power Plant - Canada)
• Case n°2: Implementation of Gamma Monitoring systems for nuclear power plants
(Temelin and Dukovany nuclear power plants - Czech Rep.)
• Case n°3: Improvement of a radiation monitoring system for extreme weather conditions
(Borssele Nuclear Power Plant - Netherlands)

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