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Best practices in marine sample preparation with the Precellys range

Researchers around the globe have a very challenging task in trying to answer some of the many pressing questions that increase our understanding about the oceans, marine biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. How to prepare their samples appropriately to ensure good quality results should not be one of them.

With so many different types of samples, from marine sediments to microalgae, it can be challenging to define a protocol to optimize the homogenization of the samples in order to extract the molecules of interest.
In this White Paper we present a collection of three case studies that highlight the efficiency and flexibility of Precellys homogenizers for grinding any biological sample, while maintaining reproducibility.

All you need to know about:

• Metabolomic study of the red algae Chondrus crispus

• Determination of nutrient hotsports on coral reefs using a common macroalgae

• Protein extraction from tough marine phytoplankton

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