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Evaluate Ghrelin levels in human plasma samples with Bertin Bioreagent ELISA kits

Ghrelin is an octanoylated hormone produced by the gastrointestinal tract that regulates appetite and blood glucose. Ghrelin can be deacylated in plasma, generating deacyl-ghrelin (DAG). DAG blocks some effects of ghrelin, but does not bind to the ghrelin receptor. LEAP2 is a recently discovered ghrelin receptor ligand that also blocks the effects of ghrelin. Other investigations showed that plasma levels of these hormones are altered in people with obesity, but levels in children with obesity have not been studied.
The goal of this work is to evaluate the fasting plasma levels of ghrelin, DAG and LEAP2 in children with normal weight (NW), overweight/obesity (OW/OB) and their association with different anthropometric and metabolic variables.
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