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Best practices for the evaluation of decontamination with Coriolis air samplers

The composition and concentration of bioaerosols in the air is a critical parameter to consider for the welfare of animals and humans. From healthcare facilities to the food industry, among many other work spaces, the monitoring of bioaerosols and the efficiency of their decontamination is key for the maintenance of a safe work environment and sustainable food production.

Monitoring bioaerosols by air sampling is one of the most efficient methods available. It is fast, quantifiable and flexible to multiple microbiological techniques for the detection of potential pathogens.
In this White Paper, we compile a selection of examples and protocols of the use of Coriolis air samples for the detection of bioaerosols in different environments, before and after decontamination.

All you need to know about:

Assessment of fungi burden in a process room

Viable airborne bacteria count with Coriolis Compact air sampler

Bacteriophages collected by Coriolis Compact air sampler



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