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Best practices in proteins sample preparation with Precellys Evolution

The preservation of proteins, whether on their primary, secondary or tertiary structure, is crucial in studies conducted on biological phenomena. Protein diversity is directly related to their varied shapes, sizes & interactions, conferring them functions ranging from simple structural roles to intercellular communication, storage, transportation and more. However, the degradation of proteins during their extraction modifies their properties and therefore the resulting analysis.

The Precellys® Evolution, combined with the Cryolys® Evolution as well as the homogenization kit 'Protein Safe', prevents this degradation. Tissue homogenization is optimized by maintaining a constant temperature between 0°C and 10°C during the process, to limit sample heating and thus protein denaturation, while the Protein Safe lysing kit inhibits the action of proteases released by the sample, responsible for the cleavage of the proteins.

All you need to know about:

• Precipitating proteins from rat tissue
• Extracting proteins from mouse heart tissue
• Best practices isolating RNA from E. Coli & eye tissue

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