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CamSight LP, your ally for optronics surveillance in harsh environment


In a world of ever-accelerating changes, the modem battlefield has become an extremely complex environment where situational awareness is key to accomplish strategic missions. As a clear night & day vision gives soldiers the means to take good decisions, at the right time & in all weather conditions, Bertin Instruments is committed to providing them with the best optronics to further improve their capabilities in any field application. The CamSight LP, its newest camera module with low power consumption, is one of those. The following White Paper compiles 3 of the many surveillance applications possible with this ultra-compact optronic device.

All you need to know about:

• Enhancing driver's vision & local situational awareness
• Improving long-range observation with tethered aerostats
• Carrying out surveillance & gathering intelligence with day/night detection camera

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