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Single cell based assays are powerful tool for studying drug effects, protein interactions and signalling pathways. However, the assay analysis depends on several factors that can impact the results. An obtaining an accurate number of cells within the cell culture and/or calculating cell culture confluency are some of the important factors that need to be taken into consideration prior the optimization of the results.

Previously, we demonstrated the benefits of cell confluency application to define the perfect time to start the assay. In this study, we introduce a new cell culture InCellis App InCellis® Smart Cell Imaging System (Bertin Technologies), which is optimized for adherent cell counting as a new, rapid and accurate method to normalize results obtained from cell based assays in an automated fashion. An accuracy of cell counting between standard referent method and InCellis application is compared and presented here. Total cell counting application is a reliable alternative to a visual assessment of cell number, and is an efficient approach for any cell type analysis.

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• New robust method to normalize results of cell based assays with InCellis Smart Cell Imaging system

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